I've recently bought a 2nd hand mint condition LG Massimo p-880; OS: Android 4.1.2 (a.K.a. Jelly Bean, i believe). Everything seems to work fine
and fast and as well as you can expect from an Andoid device -- my best smartphone (HTC - Win 6.1) suffered a fatal irrecoverable accident once
my little daghter left it fall crashing in the street from a 5 stores apartment window...

Now i'm not unhappy with my aquisition, in spite of some erratic perfomances and some eventual 'announces' that: "Unfortunately (how obnoxious!)
the application XYZ suddenly stopped!"... But i realized the device is still "attached" to the previous selling owner through his gmail address! I've been
frustratingly occupied with manoueuvers and worksaround i read in the net -- to no avail. NOTHING DONE.

As an ignoramus noob in the exquisite crossed ways of the android system, i would very much appreciateb if someone would grant me some expert
minutes of pedagogic tuttorings and in very simple terms and/or steps to do, would help me to get rid of the old address and/or change it to my own.

Thanking in advance for the eventual possible attention,