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    Question Benefits and risks of creating a Swap file for really low RAM and older devices?

    Alright, so I have an HTC Evo Shift 4G, heavily modded, nothing like when I first got it. Already overclocked, flashed custom kernel, kernel tweaks, changed governor and I/O Scheduler, already have amazing battery life thanks to Juice Defender... Android Tuner helped with everything else. Now, I want to mod my device even more, but I want to know if I should continue with this little experiment of mine.

    Alright, so I used this guide on how to set up a swap file without having to partition my whole SD Card, and it works perfectly so far, have Swappiness on 10, have the swap file size to 512MBs, and have it to safely unmount and remount when using USB Debugging which it does perfectly fine, tested it out myself, and I haven't bricked my device either :P

    So, I've asked around, and many are saying that there aren't any actual benefits unless on really low end devices, in which on high end devices it'll just make things worse due to it constantly swapping things out... but my performance to battery ratio is really, really good, and while I overclocked from the stock 800MHz to 1.3GHz without causing battery to drain as fast as it did on the stock kernel and frequency, I won't mind giving up a bit of performance, especially since changing I/O scheduler to SIO, everything has been nice and super slick... expect that sometimes my web browser closes out while I'm browsing a page that's too intensive, either an image board or something with HTML5 content... it's annoying, and even if I swap out to another application and go back for in a second, the process ALWAYS gets killed... so, I'm saying "Why not" to adding SWAP. My custom kernel stated it has ZRAM support, but I could never find out how to activate it, and I don't think it came with a kernel module, but it said it's there in the changelog.

    Anyway, rambling on a bit... I love my device, but the Out-Of-Memory thing is a bit of an annoyance, will a 512MB SWAP file on an 8GB class 10 SD card (As of now, my peak Write Speed is almost 10MB/s, and Read 20MB/s) be more beneficial or detrimental? Any risks and hazards? I know that if I mount it and if the Swap file doesn't deactivate, it can cause device corruption, but as of now, the app does it automatically, and if need be, I can turn swap off manually before mounting. I know that it can reduce the life of my SD Card by quite a bit, but SD Cards are rather cheap now a days, maybe about 20 dollars for a really good one? I only need to have my phone for a few more months until I can get a new one, so I don't really need to worry about the life span that much, just on not bricking my device. Any extra benefits I'm missing? Tips on tweaking and managing Swap? Any links to some interesting articles regarding swap for android? (Yes I did google around a bit)

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    You'll only see a benefit if the phone runs out of RAM, with a class 10 card you shouldn't notice much (if any) lag.
    Have you used the phone in it's current modded state without swap enabled to see if it behaves differently?
    Provided you use a decent branded card, swap shouldn't kill the card in the time-frame of a few months, as it's probably not in use all the time.

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