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    Image trans fer from PC to tablet via USB - Computer needs driver pr install disk

    Trying to connect computer to ICS Android tablet- computer finds hard ware but need driver/software -none came with tablet --what do I need?

    Tried also connection external disk drive Tablet finds this Ok-- files also and reads the pictures

    How do I get them to transfer? --
    Solve the latter and the computer prob is no more.

    Thank you in anticipation


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    When I attach an android phone or tablet to a Windows computer, a screen pops up with options to import pix. Play Music and the bottom one is always "Open disk as folder to view files" or something similar. I click that and then use the mouse to drag and drop files, music Pix eet. to and from the Android Device.

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    copying to penfrive then from drive did the trck

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    Hello, I'm new here, but I think I have already did that. I connected my Tab 2 to my PC by way of usb cable. I think you have to go into settings
    and check the USB settings....I think! as I said I'm new at these new thingies. I know I did my smartphone that way to transfer things... I hope
    I'm right. forgive me if I'm not....I'm learning as well. I am a new member here...hello everyone...Have a nice day! :-)
    P.S. Please tell me if I'm wrong.....Thanks...

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    hi Muldar; you're right, the usb setting offers to turn on or leave as a memory stick.

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    Downloading Apps to PC

    Quote Originally Posted by zlash View Post
    hi Muldar; you're right, the usb setting offers to turn on or leave as a memory stick.
    Thanks for the info zlash; What I need to know now is how to download Apps to my PC and then install them to my Tab2.

    Thanks in advance my friend...


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    hi !
    you can find app (apk) there
    and if your need to search for specials...

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