I have multiple contacts within the same organization. For example, several members of my linux user group work for the same company.
Is there some way to enter the first contact with all the details (Organization, Job Title, Work Address - Phones - Emails - Web sites, etc)
and then "copy this contact" to make some number of clones under different names?

I would then edit to add personal details ( photo, nickname, home address - phones - emails - etc) without needing to re-thumb the same information a load of times.

I've long sought both 'droid and linux (Mint, Ubuntu) applications that make it easy to work with one's address book.
Every address book has its own variation of how the details are reported as vCards ... and then there are win-dose look-out
formats. Yes, I could create a CSV file or VCF file with some text editor, but that is so labor and time intense and prone to error.

Thanks in advance,
~~~ 8d;-/ Dan