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    Something is eating my credit on my LG P500 mobile.

    I bought this mobile a few weeks ago, but recently the credits being used up when I'm not using it. I've turned off Wi-Fi and GPS, but no difference. Have I inadvertantly turned something on? Or is there something else to look for. Help, getting expensive.

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    You most likely have something running like a widget that is constantly accessing data.
    On the phone, click
    Menu/Settings/Battery Settings/Battery Use (may not be exactly so-named, but should be close)
    See what is using your battery, this should give you a good place to start looking for the culprit.


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    Cheers mate. But for 'Battery Settings', substitute 'About Phone', after scrolling down to the bottom. For some reason the wifi was topmost in usage. Couldn't find what was being accessed though. In the end I did a 'factory reset'. So far no further problems, apart from losing a few phone numbers. (Note to self, 'back-up you idiot!'). Anyway, thanks for your help.

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    turn off 3g. just use 2g

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