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    Problem with ASUS Fonepad

    Hi there,

    I just bought the ASUS Fonepad, the new version with rear camera, it worked great except 2 things, which are very disappointing to me.

    Firstly, I couldn't charge it with any external battery, no matter the capacity, and it won't charge via a 2Amp USB adapter connected to a 12V car battery, I can only charge it with the original wall charger, also 2 other USB charger namely HTC and Motorola, which the Motorola only put out 0.2Amp of current, so it is not the charging current problem, but the special wiring on the charger. Actually the pad did slow charge via external battery when power off, the 'flash battery' shows up a bit and then disappeared but it did charge, so I couldn't charge the pad when I am using it this is ridiculous !! wonder if any app can force it to charge in any condition ?

    Secondly, I want to transfer my apps from other device to the ASUS, that's the fastest way to install same set of apps, and due to the marginal 3G and wifi coverage in my location, download from the internet is undesirable. So I use the bluetooth file transfer app to do it, but nothing transferred at all, the connection ok and I can transfer contact from other device, but nothing else I can transfer, no error message at all I don't know what went wrong, any idea ? thanks a lot !
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