I have a nexus 7 tablet with the latest version of android jellybean (I make sure to update it often), Now whenever I use the mic it only picks up a few things. Granted I live in a noisy house and my neighbor was mowing his lawn when I recently tried (Later walking into the hallway where it's much quieter) it still gives me a similar result. Lately the good now voice command and search function takes a long time to recognize. before it would only take seconds to recognize the voice command and immediately come back with a result. Nowadays it takes 30 seconds to recognize my voice and 30 more seconds to bring me a result. I know it might now be the internet connection since I have powerful speed when I surf with chrome (Granted I have a web server running in my house and I use asterisk to test the mic which is working just fine). I have no idea why the voice command function (and search) is taking longer. I am very careful as to what I install on my tablet (never added anything questionable and unnecessary throughout it's use.) What can I do to make it run faster.

If it helps I remember installing software on my windows machine that made my chrome profile open up two tabs whenever I start up the browser. One is my home page (the google front page) and the other is a questionable looking website that is nothing but a logo and search bar (literally, the Google page has more on it compared to this one). How do I get rid of this. I understand that this is an android forum but I feel that this might fix my issue in some way.