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    Cool Can we run native linux binaries on android (i.e. not "apk")

    Ok so I did some research and apparently andoid apps are written in what is basically some modified form of Java, and indeed follow the same format as J2ME apps.

    Now my question is that can we write, or essentially cross compile static binaries to run natively on Android, since it runs on a linux kernel?

    I am personally interested in running MPlayer in a terminal. Can it be done?

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    it can be done. you need to download the source code for android. this gives you the entire toolchain necessary to compile stuff for it. android uses a customized libc called bionic.

    note that you need version 6 (1.6uxx) of the JDK installed on your machine. the only other thing i had to add to a standard slackware-14.0 installation was the "switch" perl module.

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    I am afraid not!

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