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    printing from Android tablet Ii

    i this feasable?

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    It seems as they say in QI 'Nobody knows'
    From what I can glean tablet to printer by cable is not going to happen.
    There are no drivers.
    There are Apps that purport to enable printing via a wireless printer set up but as I do not possess such a thing it was not persued.
    another option is an App that allows the 'Cloud' route- all somewhat over egging the issue.
    The simplest way it seems to me is to prepare the the document on the tablet. save it and then Email to yourself as an attachment- then pick it up from the machine that you normally use for printi.g.

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    You can print directly from an Android device with the right Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Cloud-enabled printer. As you mention you don't currently have such a device, you can also use Google Cloud Print with your current device. See for more information on setting up Google Cloud Print with a "classic printer".


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    There is an app called PrinterShare it uses WIFI to print to your printer no need to transfer your document to print, it will detect your online printers through the network and set them up for you. You can print a test page to check it out the premium key for full capability's has a fee.

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    I have this same ISSUE with both Android 2.2 and 4.0.1 on WIRED usb2 printing to an HP MP-150 color printer/scanner/copier. I find it increduless that no one has written a driver or IO based on existing drivers for PCs. I just bought new cartridges (color and B&W). I'm hoping not to have to dump it. Now that tablets have virtually replaced desktops, it seems odd that printing is not more of an issue. There are so many uses for hi res color printers, I can't imagine simply giving up the greatness of the latest Android, only to migrate back to Intel/Microsoft Windows '9', for this point and improved handling of graphics and photography, much less simply printing various labels, business cards or txt/pdf file to snail mail to the remaining non computer users.

    BTW, this editor is excellent! Gmail could use such a nice editor, their email options are anemic! Thanks to anyone who can shed more light on this printing problem, I know I'm not alone on this, and hint hint to programmers. And please, no more suggesting WIRELESS, it's been so buggy I've gone to Ethernet connect with the same performance and zero problems.

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    In the fullness of time, being an 'open' system the issue will be resolved
    There are meanwhile ways of getting round this issue by indirect means I have discovered.
    First and most simple is, if there exists a 'normal' Computer/printer set up is to email items to be printed to that computerand print from it.
    The second is a little more involved and the printer being of the 'wireless' sort and will need investigation ofthe particular printer/computer up.

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    Great questions, I've just picked up a Samsung tab 7 and would like to do some printing via the tab, so, would like to be able to do "wireless" printing and would like to hear more on this, thanks ya'll.

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    PrinterShare works well, as long as you have a printer that connects to a wireless router. I've been doing it for a long time. There are no apps that I know of that permit printing directly from the app, so you have to save the file, then open it in PrinterShare. It won't work for all files, but it does work for almost all office files, .pdf files, and graphics. I haven't found a printer that didn't work, as long as the router knows about it. I've printed from Brother, HP, Canon, and others, all without a problem. It also works for bluetooth-enabled printers. My HP Officejet 6300 has no built-in bluetooth capability, but it does have a USB port. I stuck a cheap bluetooth dongle into the USB port, and bluetooth works fine on it. I can print via bluetooth or wifi, using PrinterShare, from both my Asus tablet and Samsung phone. I suspect that most modern printers with a USB port can be bluetooth-enabled with a dongle, and you can get one of those off ebay for almost nothing, or even from any place that sells electronics for a few dollars more.

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