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    how to run an unlisted application

    hello , another n00b question.

    how can i run an application (i.e terminal emulator) that is installed on my device (according to settings->applications->manage application->all)
    but that is not listed on desktop or anywhere else.

    how can i add a shortcut for it on the desktop in order to run it?

    another question , why does that app refuse to show up on the app search although it's supposedly installed ?
    third question , what is the default way to remove apps from the system?
    settings->applications->manage application says it removes and manages apps but when i try it lists all supposedly installed apps (quite a lot actually) but only allows me to see the stats for that app (i.e size , cached data ) and things like force stop but no removal or starting ..

    thanks in advance
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    Do you have this application when you long press on desktop and select Shortcuts/Applications? About third question, some applications cannot be removed they are integrated into rom, you need custom rom to do that.

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    Hi...what is the make and model of phone, carrier, and is the phone unlocked? As eSelix says, a long press on the home screen and mapping a link to the custom app you want to launch should work. You may have to force a reindexing to have it show up in a in-device search...just rebooting the device may get you some of the way there on this one. Having a pure clean Android install on your phone may make a difference, if you are having problems. Depending on your version of Android, and if your device or carrier has skinned it...for example if you have a Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.1 or later you should be able to go to settings>Applications>Manage applications>click app you want to remove>click the Uninstall button...that said, eSelix is right that some apps are in ROM and cannot be deleted without flashing the ROM

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