Perhaps no group has earned a borderline obscene pejorative as quickly as the wearers of Google Glass. I mean, the product, not due for release until early next year, is seen in the wild today only on the few thousand who are its early testers. And yet we already have the term "glasshole." Google Glass has also been banned ahead of its release. This all seems to stem from the belief, voiced by writers such as Jason Perlow, that Google Glass is evil, since "it's a 'stealth' recording device."

My advice to anyone freaking out over Glass: Get over it.

Sure, there is something unsettling about the evolution of Glass. Eventually, you are going to have to look really closely to tell whether a pair of eyeglasses is computerized. And there's no question that Glass can be used in socially unacceptable ways. But personally, I'm a lot more bothered by the constant cracking of websites holding personal information than I am by the idea that someone could record me in the restroom.
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No question: Glass is going to change how we think about privacy in public spaces. But such rethinking has already been necessary for years. Smartphones required it. For that matter, so did the invention of the camera.
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