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    system restore- is there an android equivilent?

    Having had a situation where the log in page dissappears- opening straight onto home page, then progressivively the system degrades so that it needs a total reinstal.
    I wonder if there is not an app or other repair facility similar to MS's Sysyem Restore ?
    For ICS4

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    Not that I know of, however all Android devices have a "Factory restore".

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    Thnk you for that
    I am aware of 'factory restore whivh of course delets all and you start over, though presumable the SD card will hold some data- if one has remembered to trans fer of course.
    There is also the pinhole 'reset' device- if you can find a pin when needed.
    [I keep a pin sellotaped to back of the Tablet - you never know when it will be needed -]

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    Try nandroid for backups. I used to use it with my desire when flashing ROMS.

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