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    Wirelessly Manage Your Android Device From Your PC

    It is great to connect your android devices with PC through WIFI whem you forget your USB data cable. But mostly connect your android device with PC is hard and you need to do more in order to connect your android devices succesfully. Such as you need to enter your IP, enter your password, open the link and son on. If you connect your android devices with PC through Free Mobile Helper that can be more easy. Connect your android device with WIFI, Open Free Mobile Helper (Download link ) and Free Mobile Keeper, enter the Validation Code and click the "Connect".
    Then you can manage your android device with PC.
    1. Manage your contacts.
    You can add contact or group, delete contacts or groups, Iport&Export contacts, Backup/Restore you contacts. As well as the Meassages and call log. What's more, you can send free message with Free Mobile Helper.

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    Don't miss free apps, music and wallpaper at Free Mobile Helper.

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