Motorola has a new device coming out, which it thinks will change the game. In a discussion at the D11 Conference, Motorola Mobility CEO said the new mobile phone, called the Moto X, will be built in the United States in a factory outside Fort Worth. The facility that the new Moto X will be built in was once used to build Nokia phones.

The new Moto phone, which is expected to have strong battery life, will also have a number of sensors and such that will provide the phone with new ways of interacting with the user. As an example, the phone will be able to tell if youíre traveling faster than 60 miles an hour, and stop you from texting while driving.

While Motorola has a long history of mobile innovation, Woodside acknowledged that the company has a way to go to bring the company back to its former glory. And so, itís looking to hire a number of new employees from other major manufacturers to build a new generation of mobile phones.
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