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    increase ram via using swap

    I am having Micromax a45 handset using android 2.3.
    I have downloaded busybox but its not installing. may be it is having some fault in that software. next I have installed swapper from play store and selected 512 mb swap space.
    in my memory card the file swap.swap is created of 512 mb.
    but after all yet my device is not showing swap space available.

    I have ram of 213 mb only. my device is rooted.
    pls help me. I am tired of having such low ram and hanging problem. I often restart my phone to free ram.

    thanks ..

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    Are you getting any errors? What does the output of free look like?


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    Are you sure you are rooted?
    It sounds like your swap file program is working (it created the swap file... unless you did that yourself)
    Can you boot into recovery and clear your cache? Maybe there is so little space, it can't install.


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