Samsung expanded its Galaxy Tab 3 range of Android tablets today with a new 8-inch and 10.1-inch variant which will be sold globally from the beginning of June.

Similar to the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note 8.0, the revamped 8-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 3 has been designed specifically for one-handed use. The display is a WXGA affair, coming in at a resolution of 1280800 (189 ppi). Thats a fraction higher than the iPad mini (163 ppi) but a far cry from the Nexus 7 (216 ppi). Regardless, it should perform just fine for first-time tablet buyers and those on a tight budget.

Samsungs decision to launch a tablet at this size is odd, however, given the existence of the Galaxy Note 8.0 and also the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3, which was announced in April. Presumably, the company thinks there is room to have multiple devices at a similar form factor, or believes that they serve different purposes in the market.
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