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    Question JavaScript, Android, and Busybox?

    I was wondering since ive really never seen this before....

    Is it possible to make a Javascript that runs on Android? What it does, when ran, it will download and run a file, this file is an exploit to give me root to my android.

    If you ever seen Universal Androot, Z4root, or SuperOneClick, i think u know what i mean.

    When root is given, it will then attempt to download Superuser and all that good stuff.

    Reason why im asking this is when i see SuperOneClick, it exploits the Android system, then uses BusyBox temporarily (doesnt state what it does) and then gives me SuperUser and stuff.
    Here is SuperOneClick:

    If anyone can tell me whats going on and how i can make something similar using Javascript, that would be nice. Atleast hints, i wanna be able to do this myself.


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    Wow not 1 reply....

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    You could um always use the built-in web browser web.....

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