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    advanced problem in application android

    Hello everyone
    I crashes with a problem on an application in android that I very need your help
    I am developing my application with the java language
    Here's the problem:
    I want to know about java functions for accessing the system root of the android
    and thanks in advance

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    I think you need to slow up an awful lot and learn some about what you are doing before you try to do it. Android API documentation

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    drimer, you say "I crashes with a problem on an application" which tells us nothing.

    You say "Here's the problem:" but still don't tell us.

    if you want help - as opposed to getting somebody to do everything for you. tell us what the problem is and how it occurs.

    as ann example I had an app tht segfaulted when calling back into java from the ndk. Logcat told me where this was happening and I discovered tht I had accidentally deleted a procedure from my java code (we can all be idiots).

    I resolved his myself, but had I needed help I could have posted the message from the logcat and explained what I was doing. Somebody on the forum could then hace helped me to find the answer.

    Nobody can answer a problem when the person with that problem won't say what it is

    If at first you don't succeed - give someone else a go

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