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    Is there a good app that helps control the sound on your phone?

    Is there a good app that helps control the sound on your phone?

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    Most phones come with one already. It's called a volume control ;-)

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    Good luck with this latest endeavour, though judging by your success with LinuxQuestions I don't think you'll need luck.

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    not sure why you need an app....most apps don't increase the volume to higher than your current settings

    but wait there is higher than your current settings.....but my phone is rooted

    try going into

    system settings -> developer options -> engineer mode -> swipe to Hardware -> audio and check out the options there

    good luck

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    You can try Volume Control+. This is a great app for sound controlling.

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    Well, I don't think that there is any need of getting an application installed in your device to control sound I would say try heading over to the device settings>sound>volume> and you can use it to control all the volume option of your device !

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