Do not write novels, use MyLog instead.

MyLog is offline track logger, user friendly app for recording tracks. It was developed for car drivers who want to save time—instead of having to record all their tracks manually. Wherever in the world you are, your tracks are recorded and after connecting to the Internet they are evaluated.

Key features:
★ Free basic functionality of a recorder (PDF files only, no detailed tracks).
★ Track recording with GPS (off-line).
★ Automatic track evaluation (on-line).
★ Quick track record correction and full editing of recorded tracks (versions Pro and Pro MultiCar).
★ Generating and sending monthly reports as PDF (Basic version) or XLS (Pro and Pro MultiCar versions) files.
★ Reports are generated on the level of towns
★ Bluetooth and NFC support makes usage even more simple and comfortable (one NFC tag per vehicle is needed).
★ you can quickly add notes to every track (adjustable in application settings)
★ English/German/French/Slovak/Czech language
★ faster track recording start/pause/end via notification bar buttons (Android 4.x)

Available on:

You can use the version Basic free of charge and with the first download, you can also use the functions of the Pro version for 14 days free of charge.