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    Free App Center, Best Free App Market for India

    Free App Center is a third-party app market covering Android, iOS for India. Although itís a third-party market, compared with Google Play, the Free App Center with abundant free apps and games is more localized and fits more for Indian users.

    Indian Localization

    Whatever users download, they can get fast download speed in the Free App Center. All service by Free App Center is supported by Indian local server, which guarantees users can have good experience. Besides that, Indian localized apps and games is one of biggest features of Free App Center. In the Featured column, IndianApp is listed independently which covers currently hot apps and games. In addition to, those localized apps and game can be sorted by cities which include Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and other cities.

    And in order to provide better service to meet Indian usersí need, users can download any app or game without registered account, which is so convenient. For Google Play, you have to register before you download something.

    Another feature that keeps Free App Center hot in India is that the Free App Center has PC software support. That means you can install PC client in computer to manage your device efficiently. Well, the PC support of Free App Center is actually what Google Play lacks. In PC client, you can easily and quickly manage you mobile content including apps, games, contacts and SMS etc.


    In Apps, which is sorted Category, Recommended, Latest and Toplist. In Category, different abundant apps are sorted by All Apps, Business Software, Communication, GPS&Navigation, Multimedia Software etc. And of resources, besides internationally hot apps, Indian users can find many localized apps in each category.

    In the Toplist, apps are sorted by category of too. And at the same time, they are sorted by Daily Download, Weekly Downloads, Monthly Downloads, add date and Total Downloads, where you can easily what apps other people focus recently. In Recommended and Latest, latest apps are presented, and if you have no idea what kind of apps you want to install, just try the Recommended.

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    You can download Free App Center free at
    And you can also get Free App Center by scanning the Dimensional code

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