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    Less Data Traffic & More Effective Managements--- Free App Center

    The Free App Center not only provides users large quantity of free resources, but act as a strong and convenient mobile device management tool.
    On Free App Center, you can let downloaded apps and games installed automatically, and remove app package once installation done. And another key feature of Free App Center is the Saving-traffic mode. When thatís turned on, icons and screenshots arenít loaded, which actually does works when your data traffic arenít left so much. And you gonna miss that feature when you use the Google Play.

    As an excellent mobile management tool, the Free App Center allows you to manage their installed, downloaded/downloading and updatable resources.
    In the Installed, you can remove installed apps or games in a batch easily.

    For the download manager, any downloading task can be continued or paused, and progress bar shows you clearly where the downloading goes.

    And downloaded resources on the Free App Center can be effectively managed too. In here, you can see what apps havenít been installed just by a quick look. And if you donít want these downloaded resources installed, then they can be removed just by some take simple steps.

    The Free App Center, which need less data traffic to download resources compared with Google Play, and also as a convenient management tool, it lets you manage your device easily.

    Download the Free App Center! And you can also download Free Mobile Helper.

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    Just try it now!

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    Less Data Traffic & More Effective Managements--- Free App Center

    Why does it need to take pictures and videos. I've started reading what apps want to do with my tablet before I install them. Also I thought I would find some reviews if this is so great.

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