It's been a year since Google debuted the Nexus 7, the first small Android tablet that actually represented a great value at as little as $199, and the wait for a successor with some much-needed upgrades is quickly rising to the top of my list of first-world problems.

Sadly, my Nexus 7 is sitting on a shelf, with a barely-visible crack running across the length of the glass screen from top to bottom. While this wouldn't be a terminal injury for many iPads and other larger tablets, it is for the Nexus 7. Mine now suffers from constant phantom touches (the screen acts like it's being touched even when it's not), and it's nearly impossible to advance anywhere from the lock screen, let alone actually use it. Of course, it is possible to repair the screen...for about the same price as buying a brand new one.

The fatal, face-down drop onto some particularly hard-headed flagstone happened a few months ago and I've been surprised how much my whole family has missed the Nexus 7. It had become the go-to device for just about anything (like writing about the Nexus 7) that doesn't require a hard keyboard. Movie or games for the kids on a long road trip? Check. E-mail? Calendar management? I actually preferred using my Nexus over my laptop. Catching up on news? No better experience than Flipboard on that lightweight, 7-inch screen.