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    adb app install timeout when wifi usb is plugged in (!?)

    Hello, I have quite a strange problem here...

    when I try to install an app through adb, it doesn't respond. Eclipse gives a timeout.
    Other commands like "adb shell" and logcat do work like they should, it's just installing.

    After fiddling around with usb devices on my machine, I found that the command works when my wifi-usb adapter is not plugged in.

    Actually, the operation succeeds the second I pull the antenna out, then starts failing again when I plug it back in.

    Does anyone know what might be wrong here?

    My desktop machine (which I write the code on) runs a freshly upgraded copy of Debian Wheezy, and the tablet is a Nexus 7 running Android 4.2.2

    EDIT: It appears to be a hardware problem with the USB ports at the back of my machine, those have allways been a bit strange. I'll open up the box, see if I can find anything

    Thanks anyway.
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