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    [New Game] Game JewelEggs for Android (FREE)

    A funny free game for Android devices (Os version > 2.2).
    Fresh and interrest effect graphics and gameplay.
    Easy to play.
    More than 100 levels are available.
    5 maps with various kind of colorful egg.Where do you can play?
    Anywhere, at coffee bar, on bus, on train, or on is wonderful game for killing your free time.
    Who can?
    Any one, you are a student, you are an office lady, you are just a kid can play JewelEggs, even if you are too old to read news papers, you can easy to play JewelEgg without glasses. It's your happiness as your whole family can play the game together at the weekend.
    A product of SUMOGAME

    Search key words on GooglePlay: JewelEggs or Sumogame

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    Ha ha ha that is really amazing game..

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    I haven't tried it playing but i hope it will help me to kill my free time.

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    You should try it once, you will not get bored of it. it is fun to play such tiny games in free time

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