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    RT : Free Mobile Helper: An app centre with more apps than Google Play...and more


    Free Mobile Helper is kinda like an online one-stop for your Android, PC or iOS and is a place that provides a wealth of cool features to improve your online experience - especially if you are of Indian origin. This freeware application is a virtual marketplace that offers a vast array of apps, wallpaper, music, fast servers and management tools - many with a distinct Indian connection or feel to them - and all are completely free.

    Free Mobile Helper is one of the best Indian-based local app markets and free app centers and features a wealth of content including an abundant amount of apps - the equivalent of Google Play. The app features a distinct India regional characteristic and the developers' claim to know more about India than Google Play does. There is a lot of Indian native wallpapers and Indian flavored music and ringtones and offers high download speed servers including many local Indian high download speed servers to improve your downloading experience. Features of the synchronization applications include support for not-jailbroken iOS apps from the Apple Store and support for iPad downloading and installing of software. In the smart mobile manager you can view the real-time data of your mobile including call history, text messages and contacts as well as completing SMS replies and address book editing.

    Free Mobile Helper is so chock full of goodies it'll surprise you. What will certainly surprise you is the huge amount of all types of free apps that are available to download. But, not only does this app offer you the opportunity to download abundant free resources, it also lets you easily manage your address list, SMS, calendar and other tasks as well as catering to all the apps you need both for your mobile and your PC. The app's Indian favored themes offer a large number of Indian local applications as well as plentiful wallpapers and ringtones featuring Indian as well as western pop songs. There is such a vast amount of content that it would take a week to list so it might be an idea to check it out yourself. It's a one stop shop for all your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and PC needs.

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    Just download Free Mobile Helper to get paid apps, games free there.

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    Looks nice!

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