Hi there,

I am from Asia and I am using the original Droid Razr, unfortunately Moto decided to put an end to it, no longer provide update to the phone in my region and I got stuck with ICS 404, I see that I can get unofficial JB image for it, but I've never done any rooting and flashing before, I need some guildeline to start with, my questions are :

1. Where do I get the JB image ?
2. How do I root/flash the phone ?
3. Can I still get further update if Moto release it, or must get from 'private channel' ?
4. Does the flashing delete all my apps and settings ?
5. I need full chinese support like an standard phone for the Asian market, can I do that ?
6 If things go wrong during the upgrade, can I restore the phone to it's original state ?

Thanks for your help !