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    problem with android virtual device

    Hi, I have problems running an android virtual device under Fedora 15. I donwloaded the android SDK and initiated "android" from the command line. Under virtual devices I choose new - add a name, platform 2.2 and a SD card of 2048 mb (I can't see any recommendations for standard SD card size). After saving this I start up the device.

    The virtual device comes up with a screen on the left and a keypad on the right. And that is about it. The device locks up. I gave it a few minutes to get going (should it need any time?). All I can do is a "kill -9" from the keyboard to stop it. I am trying to launch an app from adb but I haven't got that far yet. Any ideas why the device is locking up?

    EDIT:: when I say the device locks up I mean it does not respond to the keyboard on my PC. I click on the "X" and it does not respond.
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    I found that it's a matter of how much memory you have , I use eclips on ubuntu 10.4 to develop with and when i start up the AVD it takes up to 3-4 min to come up and be fully operational , I'm running a amd quad core with 4 gigs of memory . thats with other applications running , so I would say first run top and then start up the AVD and watch top to see what kind of CPU and Memory are being consumed .

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    Thanks GregJetter. I only have 2gb or RAM, might be the problem! I'll play around with settings and run top. Nothing like a bit of trial and error

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    I found that the emulator is a major memory hog and even then doesn't run particularily well in comparison to an actual device.

    I'm currently programming on a 2.66GHz Core2Duo with 4gb RAM and find it struggles to launch the emulator when I have multiple programs running (Mediamonkey, Eclipse, uTorrent + others). When it does launch it takes ~1 minute to become fully functional but can be choppy to run.

    If at all possible do your testing through hardware in my honest opinion and *definitely* test it on hardware prior to release.

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