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In this day and age, smart phones have become a central part of the lives of people all around the world. These devices are essentially a multimedia powerhouse able to house all forms of music, movies, pictures, games, and tools. These can be hard to manage on your own, but Macrobile's Free Mobile Helper is here to help you. This free and easy-to-use program will allow you to connect your phone to your PC and manage all of your files with a neat, user-friendly interface, along with many other useful tasks.

The Free Mobile Helper acts as an all-in-one management suite for your Android or iOS device. When you connect your device, you will see picture of your device and the screen it is currently displaying on the left of the "Home" tab. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can connect multiple devices, and can switch between them via the drop-down menu above the picture. One handy feature at your disposal on this same tab is the Backup/Restore button at the bottom right. Using this button, you can save the state of your device from any possible system failures and restore your data if it gets wiped. We believe that you can never be too careful.
Along with downloading applications, Free Mobile Helper can also help you edit your address book, edit and send text messages, and set wallpapers and ringtones. Connect your phone via USB cable or Wi-Fi and the Free Mobile Helper will help you do the rest without hassle. All you need to do is go over to the "Data" tab to modify your contacts and messages at your leisure. Click on the "Images" and "Music" tabs to manage pictures and songs in a similar fashion, or just listen to your music while you work with the rest of the program. Any picture you have on your computer can become your new wallpaper, but if you have trouble finding one, feel free to head over to the "Images" tab to pick from a selection of different choices in our Wallpaper Center.

You can also open our Free App Center app in your mobile device to download and update applications that way. Either tap on the program you want to install to see more details or simply tap the "download" icon and the app will automatically be downloaded and placed onto your system. If you are looking for a particular app, or simply want to filter options, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon at the top right to search our inventory.
Tap on "Account" at the bottom of the display to find the download manager, app manager, settings, and sign up for an option FAC account. Signing up for an account with us will allow you to more easily sync old data to new devices by recording your history.

If you are an Indian customer, then we have a special section of Free Mobile Helper dedicated to you. Scrolling over to "IndianApp" on your mobile device or clicking on "India App" in the "Apps" tab will allow you to find apps that are local to India to make you feel right at home and encourage Indian developers to collaborate with us to get their creations out to the world. After accessing the page in Free Mobile Helper on your PC, click on your home city to personalize your experience and the background.

Once you are happy with how your device is set up, you can head over to the "Life" tab to relax with the latest tech news, MMO game news, and Free Mobile Helper updates. We provide the means for which you and your smart phone can stay in touch with the latest technology and games.
Give Macrobile's Free Mobile Helper a try! Visit here to download our program and read up on details about ongoing updates to our software and device compatibility.