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    Question Student email on Android

    I just recently got into a community college for dual enrollment. As a student of this institution, I need to check my student email often. The email recently got updated to Live@edu servers. The website suggests using the default email client on android, but is there a better way/app to connect to my student email account. The email app seems too slow. My device is a Samsung Galaxy SII.

    Link to sync page for reference:

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    There are several 3rd party email apps in the Play Store that support Exchange / ActiveSync (Touchdown and Emoze seem popular, but as I don't use Exchange I have never used either). Alternatively, if your school also supports IMAP, you can use pretty much any 3rd party email app you'd like.


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    You say that the app is too slow.

    Are you connecting via wifi? 3G can be pretty slow depending on loction - sometimes trying from about 100 yards away can make a huge difference

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    These apps will allow you to sync multiple email accounts on your Android device
    K-9 Mail

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    Well, i don't think there's anything much we can do about it other than removing and reconfiguring the account again ! It looks the problem is with their mail server ....

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