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    Can't create ROM slot with Safestrap

    Hi there,

    I am playing around my Droid Razr with multi boot, I used Safestrap to install the CM ROM on slot one, that worked great no problem. Now I want to try Ubuntu Touch, the instruction said it has to be installed on slot 4 with 2G size, since I've lot of apps on the stock Android I can't create a 2G slot, I've to delete slot one to make room for that and I did that, but now I couldn't create any slot, the create button is gray out no matter the size selected, any idea ?

    I might have messed up something, now when I boot up the stock ROM I got low internal storage warning, I got little more than 200 meg left, but I don't see how I can reclaim the space, there is only one OS on the phone the stock Android, any idea ?
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