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    Droid Razr half bricked need help !!

    Well make the long story short.... I messed up my Razr (XT910) while playing around CM ROM with Safestrap, now the phone won't boot into stock Android, and there is not enough space left for any ROM Slots, I couldn't install anything, although I deleted everything there is still only little more than 200M left internal storage I don't know why. Luckily I still manage to start in recovery mode and reset/reformat the phone, but still it won't boot into stock and stuck with Safestrap. Beside that, I got warning of battery level low and the phone locked, but I couldn't charge up the phone, although the LED is on when I connect to the computer, it seems charging and the phone get warm, it still stuck with Safestrap when reboot nothing I can do, the good is, I still manage to connect it as mass storage, I can see all the files in the phone, is there anything I can do with it, YES, I decided to factory reset the phone, so that I can at least use it as a normal phone, any comment ?

    Update : After trying different key press combination I managed to get to the boot up menu, and I select 'recover' from the list, then the phone reboot to the red Moto logo, it just stay there nothing more happened, what else can I do now ? can I put the ROM image in the SD and let it load ? where can I get the stock ROM ?
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