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    Help! my huawei premia just shut off not charging blinking red light

    It has been off for 4 days now. i bought it, it
    worked fine, i was looking at something on the
    phone it shut off by itself. i thought, oh okay it
    died becausr of a dead battery.seeingas the
    battery was below 15. i tried charging it, not
    even a charging light, or anything came on.
    black screen. however, if i hold the power
    button, i see a red light like an led and it
    fllashes every 5 seconds .it stopped, then i tried
    taking the battery out and just chsrging the
    phone, nothing. but, when you insert the
    charger, the light flashes then is gone. this
    phone is in great condition. no water damage, it
    has only been used for 3 months before me.
    the person took care of it. please help..also no
    charging light shows if i plug it in. ive tried

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    Sounds Like a new battery may be needed. You might have drained it to the point where it won't recharge.

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