Yesterday Google announced on Google+ the next version of Google Glass software XE8. This new version brings many new features for users and developers but also seems to have lost one feature that I like.

What's New With XE8 For Developers
Google's Alain Vongsouvanh share a lot of detail that was not specifically mentioned by Google Glass in their announcement. Specifically:
  • Voice commands: you can now invoke a Glassware with "Take a note" or "Post an update": more will be coming!
  • HTML Pagination: you can now let Glass auto-paginate your long article and no longer have to guess where to cut the page.
  • VIEW_WEBSITE menu item: you can now open the browser from your timeline item.
  • PLAY_VIDEO menu item: this lets you style your video timeline card with HTML and let the user drills into the video with the menu item.

What's New With XE8 For Users
Google Glass shared most of this on Google+ and also linked to the release notes:
More at SE Roundtable...