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    Galaxy s3 screen is completely black

    Hi guys,

    Today while i was at work my screen went completely black yet Pandora and the LED light continued flashing and playing. I could hear my ringtone when I received a new text message and when i hit the turn on button i could feel the vibration of the phone. When i touched the soft keys at the bottom i could also feel the vibration. I took out the battery and the LED light turned blue when the Logo supposed to show up but the screen remained black. I tried this a couple other times along with the volume up+home+turn on key and the screen remained black. I talked to my friend who is really intelligent and phones and he said something with the phone's screen or a digitizer must've broke and i have to go get that replaced. So do you guys know if that is the problem or if I need to do something else? I appreciate any feedback

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    Is the brightness set at zero? Have you tried rebooting? Is it ABSOLUTELY zero = not working?

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