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    App for network negotiation??

    I have this issue: My service provider gives 2 mobile data feeds - HPDSA(?) = fast and GPRS = slo-o-o-w. When the signal drops on the "H" you are reduced to the "G" automatically, but it will never bring you back up to higher speed automatically.
    I have been shown Settimgs / More Settings / Mobile Networks (switch off data & OK to warning) & Network Operators. It says "Searching" for as long as a windows reboot, and provides me a list, with 2 entries for my provider. I choose the first one, and it tries to register me on the network, and I may get mobile data. If not, I repeat.
    Then, any time the sun goes behi8nd a cloud, I'm down to 2G instead of 3G again :-(.

    Is there an app to monitor this and keep me on the better service?

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    Sorted this, after a fashion.

    Settings / More Settings / Mobile Networks / Network Mode

    Lists a number of incomprehensible options
    LTE = 4G
    WCDMA = 3G
    GSM = 2G

    The answer was to cut out gsm. I selected wcdma. 4G is not available yet in Ireland, but I have 3G. Now I don't move down to 2G; I drop off 3G or go back on to it.

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