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    Problem with Alcatel OT Scribe HD

    Hi there,

    I purchased the dual SIM version and used for couple days, so far so good until just now, the phone randomly turn off the screen, not responding to any button, but it is only screen off and still can receive call and email. I then force it power down by pressing both the power button and volume up, and then power it on again, but after some times the screen turn off again. I then reboot it in safe mode, even worst, the pop up of 'launcher has stopped' keep coming up, I couldn't switch to other screen or do anything, it is the stock launcher the error all about, I already uninstalled other launcher while the phone is still working.

    Beside that, the phone has problem with Bluetooth, the SD card and the SIM. The BT will randomly disconnect and reconnect, the SD will write protect and refused to receive files from BT, but it works again after reboot, of course the SD has no problem on other phone. The last thing is about the SIM, the phone will randomly ask for the PIN code which I setup, even just after I finished a call, this caused the data link to disable as well.

    This is my 2nd Alcatel phone, the first one is the Idol Ultra which I like so much, it seems to have much less problem and got a beautiful screen, I thought the HD is an upgrade to it, but ending up in a big regret of purchase, just wonder if I'm alone on this.
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