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    Froyo for GT-i5800 - Ever...?

    Bought this phone about 5 weeks ago, mainly because it seemed good value - and am not too disappointed - but also because it promised to be upgradeable from Eclair to Froyo.

    However, Kies (what useless bloatware which is about 30 times bigger than older versions of Win and killed the network when installed to my laptop) always reports that I am uptodate - despite a Froyo manual being available! Writing to Samsung (I gave up with the telephone and they have no email contact that I can detect) eventually produced a garbled reply after about 3 weeks which failed to answer the simple question but advised me to telephone - Mmmmm!

    They also informed me that there is 24 hour internet support. Reading through FAQ is self-help NOT support - and the q/a is not there anyway.

    Does anyone know if Samsung ever intend to make - what is already dated - update available?

    I believe it can be done the "dirty" way but that would invalidate the warranty.

    [General Grump
    In the last few months I have been seduced by (at least) 4 Korean products which have common All represented superficially excellent for the money but all have irratating shortcomings/issues and all* have utterly useless customer service/support to the point of making any claimed warranty period meaningless.
    (* Actually one exception where it was confirmed that an 18 STB was based on old architecture and not upgradeable. Not to worry - it's only in a bedroom as a temporary solution after a 10 year old one died!)]

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    @codger you have to go to service center of samsung for upgrade from Eclair to froyo . you cant do by samsung Kies . as phonr in warranty its free upgrade ..

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    Thanks ravikran. Yes Kies doesn't work for me though it has teased me for the last 24hrs despite Froyo suddenly becoming available. I discovered its release on another forum where a couple of people of actually succeeded with Kies!

    Even sought a Samsung service centre but got there (address given on Samsung site) but it no longer exists!

    CarphoneWarehouse tomorrow....?

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    Froyo at last! Eventually (7 attempts plus a failure by CPW too) Kies did the upgrade.

    Was it worth all the hassle? Don't know - I haven't actually detected any differences/improvements yet...

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