Google Glass just got a little easier to use, assuming that you can get your hands on Google’s wearable. The product, which is limited to developers and beta testers for now, uses a companion app called MyGlass to configure the headset. A new update to MyGlass adds remote control and input options from a connected Android phone.

Google didn’t share many details of the update, which arrived in the Google Play store on Thursday, saying only this about the addition:

“Remote control/input for screencast. Touch/swipe/tap to control the Glass UI through the screencast experience.”

By “screencast”, Google means showing the Google Glass user interface on a connected phone. That lets others see what you see through Glass and helps to demo the device’s features.

After the MyGlass software update, however, the connection becomes more of a two-way pipeline. Swiping on the phone screen would navigate through the Glass UI as if you were swiping the side touchpad included with Glass. I could see this being useful for text input as well. That’s not all though.
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