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Thread: SD-card full

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    SD-card full

    The app Android Clean gives me the information that my SD-card is for 90% full. But I have no idea:
    1. what is exactly on my SD-card.
    2. and if there is any garbage on it.
    Is there a way to determine exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) what is on my SD-card? The information that takes the most space on my SD-card.
    Can it be done by way of an app?

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    Since you appear to be a linux user may I suggest that you install Terminal ide?

    Although it does much more, it will give you a bash prompt on the phone. Better yet, type ifconfig to get the ip address, the telnetd and you can telnet into the phone from your linux box over wifi

    because this app does not need rooted phones the telnet uses port 8080, so telnet 192.168.0.x 8080
    will give your terminal session a bash prompt on the phone

    cd /storage

    you will see a number of directries. You want sdcard0 and extSdCard

    Then just a simple du -d1 will show you where to look. In my case sdcard0/DCIM/Camera was using the most space

    Incidentally, if you want to inspect a text file, you can invoke vim!

    Very many standard commands are available via busybox, including vanilla vi

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