Photos of Google's next smartphone, the so-called Nexus 5, have been leaked by the FCC and are being passed around a bunch of tech blogs today. PhoneScoop was the first to spot it.

The LG-made phone will likely launch later this fall, which is when Google has traditionally launched its new Nexus flagship phones. It appears that the device is based on LG's newest phone, the G2, which launches this month.

Google sells its Nexus phones unlocked at a very reasonable prices. Right now, you can get the current Nexus 4 for just $199. Usually unlocked smartphones cost $500 or more.

By the way, we've been testing the LG G2 for a few days and it has one of the best screens we've ever seen on a smartphone. It's big, bright, and has almost no bezel. Very impressive. Assuming the Nexus 5 has the same display, this could be one killer phone.
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