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    Question Beyond the Developer Docs - Licensing Questions


    Although I'm experienced developing in some areas, I'm new to Android development.
    I'd greatly appreciate some insights from experienced Android Developer's on a few issues.

    I've tried to learn via a substantial amount of Android research on the Internet. But that still left me
    with the following questions.

    1) I've seen comments that suggest a meaningful number of people buy paid apps, supposedly return
    them, but actually continue to use them. For paid apps, do you feel Licensing is worth-it/needed?

    2) The info. on about Licensing apps. through Google, talks about needing
    "the network" to update the status of a license that might be cached on the device. When
    you've spent some time in the Telecommunications market as I did years ago, when someone
    simply says "the network", the first thought can be of the cell network, rather than the Internet.
    Does Google's Licensing require Internet Service, or have they some way to update licensing
    status directly over the cell network without Internet Service?

    3) I've believe I've seen a number of cell service providers push Android User's to get Internet Service.
    In various ways I personally might find it convenient to have Internet Service on an Android phone. But
    everyone's different; maybe someone buys an Android phone, and wants to routinely use it only for Voice
    and Text Service. If they only occasionally wanted Internet access, to download apps, or whatever, since
    Android's based on Linux, I would hope they could connect their phone to a desktop computer via USB,
    and make use of the desktop's access to the Internet. Does Android physically require Internet Service?

    4) If you feel that a paid app. should use licensing, would you recommend Google's Licensing Service,
    or instead suggest designing a custom licensing scheme, such having an app. contact your own dedicated

    Thanks in advance, for any thoughts that you might provide.
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