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    Programming language wanted on Android phone


    I got a Telstra Pulse (ZTE T790) thinking it would make my wife's life a bit easier since she does a lot of texting and the glass keyboard would be easier to use than the flip-phone's buttons. Unfortunately its reception capabilities are abysmal, and it is unusable where we live.

    While it is not viable as a phone, it still would make a great little pocket computer. In years past I had a Tandy PC-6 Pocket Scientific Computer that had Basic on it. It was great until I sat on it and broke it.

    It would be great if I could put Python on my Telstra Pulse. Is there a way to do it? I saw in the App store a terminal emulator. I have not checked it out, but it could give me a command prompt.
    Any interpreted language with math functions (trig) and text handling functions would do.


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    I found QPython. I tried installing an IDE, but do not have enough memory.

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    Hhaven't got round to trying it yet as a dev environment, but Motorola's Rhomobile uses Ruby and - I believe - dops a Ruby vm onto the phone. This could be fun

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