I've been on LinuxQuestions.org for some time, which is how I found my way here.

I used to have a T-Mobile G1 but it died on me.

Now I've got a Huwawei Ideos (aka T-Mobile Comet). Android 2.2, rooted, with Froyoman installed.

It's been a nice LITTE phone (I was shocked to find it was smaller than my G1--and no keyboard!)

Lately the battery has started draining from 100% to Danger Will Robinson in about 6 hours.

I've tried uninstalling apps that insist on restarting themselves. Applications that have no business auto starting, like settings, tether, google search, email.

I suspect my phone may have some sort of malware on it.

PS what's with this editor? Doesn't like any title I give this post.