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    direct access to locked screen widgets/apps

    Sprint Galaxy S4.

    I am a recent convert from iPhone. the one thing i miss, which is even more prevalent with iOS7, is the ability to access basic apps (e.g. phone, flashlight, wifi toggle) from the locked home screen without having to unlock/enter my security code. Even the 3rd party Android home screen apps that allow you "access" apps on the home screen, still require you to unlock your phone after you select the app.

    How can i access apps directly from the a locked home screen?

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    somebody else who doesn't like any form of security.

    Your galaxy has a pull-down info bar at the top which gives access to items living there such as new emails and apps such as advanced task killer.

    Other thn that, you will get more or less what you want if you don'tt put any protection on the unlocking. Then a simple swipe gives acess to your apps as quickly as anything else could - if not quicker.

    The top bar also gives access to things such as wifi andd bluetooth.

    If ios lets anybi
    ody use apps with the screen loccked I am glad I'm not using it.

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    Why bother locking the screen?

    I have a Galaxy S4 (M919), to answer you question. As far as I can see, (with pin or password)it cannot be done. Even the Status Bar / Notification Bar (that pull down bar at the top) cannot be pulled down until you lock the phone. The only thing you can do is make Emergency Phone Calls.

    In my opinion that is what it should do. Otherwise what is the point of locking your phone in the first place

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