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    Freelander PD80-hd

    Freelander PD80-hd factory image

    Hi there.

    When I bought this device I said to myself "4.1.1 - no security; I'll upgrade it".

    The device had a "factory reset" option, which as a software developer, English speaker and consumer, led me to expect that by following the "factory reset" procedure I would indeed be able to reset the device to the state it was when it left the factory.


    As with all learning curves, you feel the burn the same way you do when you try to run or cycle up a hill that's just a little too steep.

    Anticipation, exhileration, trepidation, maybe-I-missed-something, oh-sh1t.

    It turns out that in "Android" speak, "factory reset" means reset to when you last installed the ROM image (bootloader + OS?).

    So as far as I know I can't inspect, extract or otherwise recover the original software/data/configuration that was Android 4.1.1.

    It had some 4K videos that I thought were sweet.

    It probably had some Allwinner/Freelander customisation that were specific to this device.

    Until I started reading this forum again (It's been a while - that Android piece-of-sh1t from Vodafone is ancient history),

    I didn't even know what fastboot was, or that images could be installed in Linux.

    I've been using PhoenixSuit with it's device installs and AntiVirus warnings - I thought I was going to have to factory reset my PC after my Wifi stopped working!

    I bought it from - the manufacturer seems to be rolling out a new web site, which still needs some ironing-out.

    The closest match to the one I bought is the Freelander PD80 wise version.

    Here are some of it's specifications, from their web site:

    Processor : Allwinner A31 quad-core (Cortex A7 Quad-core + SGX544MP2)
    Operating system : Android 4.1
    Ram : DDR Ⅲ 2GB
    Display Parameters: 9.7 -inch third-generation screen, 2048 * 1536 resolution Retina technology
    Touchscreen : 5 point touch capacitive screen
    Front camera: Front Rear 500W 200W pixels pixels (what the f*ck? the front's a 2MB, the back's a 5MB)
    File System : FAT32
    WIFI function : Support WIFI 802.11b/g/n
    OTG function : Support external USB keyboard, U Disk
    Gravity sensing : Support 3D G-sensor
    Headphones : Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
    External Card Type :Support Micro SD (TF) card; maximum support 32GB
    USB Interface Type :5PIN USB head
    Dimensions : 241.2 * 185.7 * 9.9mm
    Firmware Upgrade : Support firmware upgrade, and expand the functions of the machine (SEE BELOW)
    Battery : Built-in 3.7V 9000 mAh Lithium Battery (I've seen 8000mAh mentioned too, mine didn't have a label)
    Charging voltage : DC 5V/3A Charging
    Operating temperature range : -0 ℃ to +50 ℃
    Storage Temperature : -20 ℃ to +65 ℃
    Features: 4K ultra high-definition video playback, Blu-ray 3D playback, 1080P HDMI video output

    From using it with Netflix I noted that I was getting 720p output and it was slightly choppy. Maybe the upgrade wasn't using native drivers to make the best use of the hardware. I couldn't figure out how to tell it to "just output to HDMI".

    Yeah, about the firmware upgrade.

    If you boot into "recovery mode" you'll see a menu that you can navigate using the volume buttons.


    So if you have this device, know a bit about Android, please do back up your system partitions first.

    I upgraded to 4.2.2 by following the instructions at the pandawill forum.

    I've created a thread at's forum here in the hopes that they( are in a better position to make things happen. It's had 16 views at the time of writing.

    I'll put a link to this post there when I'm finished typing...

    I'd love to get them from an authorised source, digitally signed, ideally from the manufacturers web site but it looks like that's not going to happen, so here I am, writing this...

    Philip Ashmore

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    Hello, Mr. Ashmore.
    Yeah, 1 of the problems w/ the Android tablet scene is any clown can start up a "factory", & w/ minor mods,
    use a "factory image" to setup a tablet,
    then start selling "Android X.x tablets".
    They don't have to give even a minimal level of support.
    So by the time you've bought their "Super Wonderful" model, they may not even be around anymore.
    Then, if you want to mod it, or flash it,
    or even just "reset" it,
    there's no way to actually take it back to OEM "stock" condition.
    Some people are learning to program theses things,
    for themselves,
    because once someone buys 1 of these 'no name' brands,
    its pretty much yours. ALL BY YOUR SELF!
    I've bought a handful at the local Big Lots,
    where you get a "30-day money back",
    if it doesn't work out in the 1st 30 days.
    The one my wife uses for an e-reader is another of the "abandon-ware" 'brands'.
    The problem is that the ROM is hardware-specific.
    The so-called 'manufactures' don't have any obligations to the customers, so nobody can get any support.
    Either learn how to do it yourself,
    google a site that has what you want,
    or buy another one from a "reputable" dealer.
    Sorry, but that's my 2¢.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

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    Freelander PD80-hd

    Original Poster
    I sent it back.

    All it cost me was the 6 Euro "An Post" (the Irish postal system) charged me to get this from Customs to my door, one part of Dublin to the other, and after getting it free postage from China, it just tickles me the way "that's not how we do things here" is so blinkered it's an Ostrich with it's head buried in the sand, saying "(muffled) you can't see me!".

    I'm still waiting on the refund for the Duty I paid to customs and it took me a while to "prove" that I had received the refund from, they even refunded me for postage to a collection PO box in England, good thing I didn't have to post it to Singapore!

    Anyway, I'm seeing tablets with 4.2.2 installed on but I'm in two minds about it.

    Could the reason they didn't skip to 4.3 be because 4.3 expects more recent hardware? Probably.
    So what about 4.4? That's suppost to support a broader range of hardware.

    Then Google/Samsung might be releasing the Nexus 10 2 on Nov 21, and rumours are that an 8 core Nexus 11 is "in the future" -

    I haven't seen such an attempt to whip up a frenzy since the 25/33/50/66/100/133/166... MHz PCs rolled out within months of each other in the '90s extracting every last drop of blood/sweat/tears from someone hoping to stay at the leading edge, hell Samsung are even competing with themselves under the Galaxy name while making the Nexus for Google.

    It's time to say "whoa boy" and wait until they've caught all the fast fish trying to swim up stream.

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    Hello, Mr. Ashmore.
    As we say down south, you done good.
    The WM-8880-MID / ForFun_V7_SDZET6221_7Z7Z233 I bought on ebay has ran out its 30-day warranty,
    so we're 'stuck' w/ it.
    Not that its bad; it runs great.
    It seems some of these cheap tablets are 'optimized' for the AnTuTu benchmark, & our V7 posts 15600,
    which is pretty good.
    Its got a 'bad' ROM, tho, so I figure I'll tinker on it.
    I'm still finding & downloading software to start coding for it,
    but I *think* I'll be able to start in a week or 2.
    The real hold-up is the wife;
    she keeps buying/downloading ebooks to the thing,
    so I can't get my mitts on it.
    Soon as I can, tho,
    I'll be showing that tablet what a computer can do.
    I know you're in Éire land, but *if* you're still interested,
    check out the tablets available on ebay, in the U.S.
    It'll give you a good selection, I think.
    Here's a link for you,
    < >.
    Its a seller I've bought from,
    but what the hey do I know, right?
    [*NOT* the one I bought the V7 from, btw.]
    Glad it turned out well for you.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

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