An extensive image gallery reportedly showing Android 4.4 KitKat running on a Nexus 4 has been posted online, with the OS still identifying itself as Key Lime Pie, Easter Egg included (screenshot above).

Gadget Helpline is the publication that supposedly managed to score a hands-on tour of Android 4.4, posting the images in the gallery at the end of this post alongside more details about the yet-to-be-released software.

Assuming they’re the real deal, we aren’t surprised to see the OS still listed as Key Lime Pie. This was the expected dessert name for the next Android version following Jelly Bean before Google announced it’s going to be called KitKat.

In fact, from what it’s known so far, even if KitKat has been established as a name since late 2012, with the deal finalized at MWC 2013, Android 4.4 was still known internally as Key Lime Pie to prevent leaks. That explains why recent Android 4.4 and/or Nexus 5 mention Key Lime Pie instead of KitKat – including today’s images – and why the Easter Egg shows a K coupled with a lime.

The About phone screen shows that this Nexus 4 runs Key Lime Pie version KRS65B, and the “Hammerhead” codename is also present – the same codename has been spotted in various Nexus 5-related leaks recently.
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