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    Website Feedback

    Provided some feedback on what is good about the website and what can be improved. See the list below.

    • Good post editor
    • Easy to login quickly (includes failed login attempts)
    • Easy to search quickly
    • Hate the popups that appear when mouse is over a link, remove them
    • Remove the ads that are on the left of the site
    • Search results need to be redone, does not show matching threads
    • Very readable captcha (when it appears)
    • Forget password function does not work (registered email is not recognized)
    • Reasonably easy to read (good choice of colours)
    • Thread text would be easier to read if there was no ad beside it (squashing the text)

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    Thanks for the feedback. A couple comments:

    * Which "popups that appear when mouse is over a link"? If you're referring to the ads, the only show to people viewing the site who are not logged in.
    * We don't show ads on the left side of the site.
    * What's the exact problem you're having with the search?
    * What's the exact problem you're having with the password reset function? As you were able to log in to post this I can't see how it didn't work for you.


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