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    Trouble With Upgrade

    I was using Kies to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy 5 to froyo when all of a sudden a yellow triangle came up saying Caution and a message came up in Kies saying error: the device could not be found please reboot. The yellow triangle is still there and I'm not sure what to do. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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    My experiences of the wretched Kies have been horrific (as described in other forums)!

    However, I finally succeeded at the about the 7th attempt (plus one by carphonewharehouse) after removing sim and sd cards - which may or may not have been significant. Even then Kies seemed to go around offering conflicting information and perpetually referring to "recovery upgrade" and to make a note of "recovery code". One is further alarmed by the apparent (as reported by Kies) loss of contact with the device.

    Whilst persistence seems to be required, I would also suggest:

    Turn off wifi on the phone (I think Kies can get confused between wifi and usb).
    Disable your firewall (Kies seems to need to contact the internet frequently at different levels).
    Make sure that your phone's usb is set to Samsung Kies (see manual).

    Having said all that, some report a smooth upgrade.

    Is it worth it? Not sure yet...!

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    I tried it and it seemed to go through but nothing hasn't changed on my phone and now my PC says the update was completed....

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    Have you checked Settings>About Phone>Firmware Version to see if it now says 2.2?

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    Yep it still says 2.1-update1.....maybe I disconnected it to early?

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    I can only refer you back to post #2...!

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    Sigh ok thanks for your help

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    Sorry I can't offer any other advice. I'm not a guru, just a victim (though eventually successful) of Kies just like you!

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