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    Starting with android in c/c++

    I just know nothing about android,I want to develop software for android in c++,could any body tell me how to start developing android applications in c++ in linux distros....

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    Programming in Android with C++ is possible, but as I read it is more difficult. Better is using Java, if you have no special tasks. If you anyway want C++ you can find more information on Android NDK Basically you need to download: SDK, NDK, Java from Sun/Oracle, installing some development applications from your distro, and you can start programming.

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    I use Qt (C++ open source cross-platform development suite from Nokia), it is ported also to android. See It works very nicely and you can test the app on your desktop (linux, mac, and even windows) without emulator, as you can switch in QtCreator between build for desktop and build for android device; the same source code will run on both (obviously, binary code is different).



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